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CAREER SCOPE : ABM( Agri Business Management ) :

What is Agribusiness?

Agribusiness encompasses all activities from the ‘paddock to the consumer’, that are relevant to the eventual production, transformation / value adding, distribution and retailing of food, fibre and associated products.

It is a business that earns most or all of its revenues from agriculture. An agribusiness tends to be a large-scale business operation and may dabble in farming, processing and manufacturing and/or the packaging and distribution of products.

What is the scope of Agribusiness?

A degree in agribusiness offers opportunities to be involved in areas such as production, finance, sales and land management.

Agribusiness is concerned with the financing, marketing, and management of Food production. It is a growing industry that provides wide range of career options.

What are the career options for Agribusiness?

A degree in agribusiness can open up many doors. Career in Agribusiness

can seek into a multitude of industries as well,

  • Including farming,
  • Real estate,
  • Retail marketing,
  • Food processing,
  • Food production and farming industry.

Agribusiness is an important field because agriculture-related industry, from farming and livestock to food production and human nutrition, Encompasses a significant portion of careers worldwide.

The field of agriculture is different from other business sectors, And the government intervention is in the form of taxes, trade barriers, etc.

What are the career options for Agribusiness?

  • Agribusiness Office Assistant,
  • Agribusiness Food Manager,
  • Agribusiness Marketing Coordinator,
  • Farm appraiser
  • Agricultural Analyst
  • Farm Manager,
  • Crop Producer,
  • Market Analyst,
  • Quality Controller,

Who hire these professionals?

  • Food Production Companies
  • Farming Industries
  • Public and Private Sector Marketing Industries Retail Industries.Top Colleges / Universities in India offering Agribusiness.
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